Extraordinary + Ordinary
Plexiglas, hot glue, string
dimensions vary

Faces of different people are portrayed using hot glue gun, like simple pen drawings, on color Plexiglas board which are hung from the ceiling. As the light illuminates through the Plexiglas, the portraits and its reflections create a paranormal space almost like pieces of colored tapestry of lines and surfaces embroidered on the wall.
In this world of different races co-existing, each and every one of us on earth is both extraordinary and ordinary. Every being has its own nationality, sex, appearance, cultural background, dreams, hopes, love, companionship, fears and values. We all laugh and other times cry, depending on where we stand in the daily journey of life, and these moments of happiness and sadness are what make our ordinary lives extraordinary.
And as we walk through the reflections of the images created by light and dark just as the light and dark in life, we meet all of us- extraordinarily ordinary and ordinarily extraordinary people living another day.