Glass, copper plate
Appr. 7x4x5 inches/ each

"Breathless" was made just 3 months after I delivered my daughter, Bandy.
Struggling to balance out my life, I was inspired by the story of "The
Little Mermaid" willing exchange her life in the sea and her identity
as a mermaid for a human soul and love. At the end of story her body
dissolves into foam.
"Breathless" is an exprression of my moment in the delivery room
expecting the birth of my daughter which overlaps  the "Breathless"
moment of the little mermaid when she was nervous and lonely but
excited with great expectations.

When I put the copper hybrid fish into super hot liquid glass, copper boiled.
This preocess resulted in the hibrid fish resembling a piece of
jewelry or fossil.
This work is related to "Speechless".